Helga Wretman

  1. "DAVE" Digital video and performance. 2013.

    DAVE is a young man who feels invisible. He reinvents himself on the internet and falls in love with his own online image. The avatar comes to life and Dave loses control. When his online character meets another, Dave finds himself in despair and his world collapses around him.

    DAVE is inspired by Shakespeare’s tragicomic love triangle plays, a format any modern audience would recognize from sitcoms and red lettered romantic comedies. Set in present tense and played out as a monologue, it addresses the difficulty of comprehending evolving technologies and everything they can offer.

    The text is being translated on the internet through the robot, google translate and is thereby somewhat lost in translation, just like dave's attempt to translate himself into cyberspace. 

  2. Dave-trailer from helga wretman on Vimeo.

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