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    Helga Wretman 


    "Fitness For Normal People" Performance and Poster at Walch und Winkler Berlin.

    "In-Group Photo" Performance at Matin Groupius Bau Berlin.

    "In-Group Photo" Performance with James Beckett at 1 Riga Biannual.

    "In-Group Photo" Performance at Kunstseale, Berlin Curated by Ellen Blumenstein.

    ”In-Group Photo" Performance at Import Projects Berlin.

    Stunt Work:

    Die Wolf Gäng, Die Drei !!!, Anna Calvi Music video, Silver Cloud, Morgen im Norden, Jonas Waldeck, Regentrude, The Girl in the Spiders Web, Solo für Weiss, Hafelkante, Dogs of Berlin, Head full of Honey, Counter Part


    "In-Group Photo" Performance and installation at Klöntahl Trienalle Switzerland.

    “Falling over on purpose only hurts in some places” for Obeig Magazine and Castel Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

    "In-Group Photo" and "Anti Depressive Massage for Artists" performance at Good to Talk lecture series at Berghein kantine in Berlin.

    Stunt Work:

    Ballong, Asphalt Gorillas, Dark, Counter Part, White Hourse, European Film Awards


    Art Work:

    "Anti Depressive Massage for Artists" Video installation and performance at Galley Rotwand Zürich.

    "Wellness in a Box" video Installation at Moscow Biannual for Young Art.

    "In-Group Photo" Video and Performance at Brodno Sculpture park, MoMa Warsaw.

    "Anti Depressive Massage for Artists" performance at Kulturprojekte Berlin in Madrid.

    Stunt work:

    Stunts for, "Vorwärds Immer" "Chase and Status music video" "Out of Controle" "Wolfsland" "Schuld" "Katarina von Bora" "Hafelkante" "Conni und co 2" "Sense 8" "In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts“



    Art Work:

    "Window leaks" Installation, collaboration with Felix Mathias Ott at V4ULT in Berlin.

    "Fitness for Artists TV" Season 2 for Arte Creative.

    "Anti depressive Massage for Artists" and "Fitness For Artists" Performance at Berlinische Galerie in Berlin.

    "Wellness in a Box" Installation in "der Würfel" at Galerie Neumeister Bar-am.

    Stunt Work:

    Stunts for "Schellen Urschli" "Eddie the Eagle" "Heute ist nicht alle tage" in "Zombierella" "Frauenherzen" "Connie un Co" "A Cure for Wellness" "Sibel und Max" "Tiger Girl" "Tschick" "Polizei ruf Magdeburg" "Vorwärts Immer"


    "Kiss" By Tino Segal at Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin


    "Gleissen des Glück" German cinema Movie

    Art Work:
    "Bosom Act" Performance at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt
    Opening Performance with FFA-TV and Baby Darwin at berlin Gallery weekend 10 year anniversary. Guest Teacher at The Academy of Fine Arts in Bordeaux.
    "Dys works" Solo show at Demons Mouth, Norway.
    "Fitness For Artists" Performance at Stroom Den Haag.
    "Fitness For Artists" Performance at Thyssen Bornemisza Art in Vienna.
    "Fitness For Artists" Performance at Therapheutiche Allianzen at Kampnagel in Hamburg.
    "Fitness For Artists TV" season 2 For Arte Creative.
    "Crampographies" Group show at Kunstwerke Berlin.
    "Dave" Video work, shown at Gallery Weekend Berlin.
    "Helga was Here" Video work for The Moving Museum in Istanbul.
    Participant at Transmediale Art Hack Day.
    Stunt Work:
    Stunts for "Schuld (Volksfest)" "Honig im Kopf" "Das Hantwerk" "Sibel und Max" "Weissensee" "Agnes"

    Art Work:
    Video Performance "Dave" At the 12 Lyon Biannual.

    "Special agents on a regular mission" Video work and Performance "This girl is on fire" For Ikono on Air Festival Berlin. "The Body of Work" Online Performace at Bergen Kunsthal In collaboration with Juliette Bonneviot.
    "Fitness For Artists TV" season 1 for Arte Creative.

    "weil ich bin es wert" Group show at gallery HHDM in Vienna.

    Stunt Work:

    Stunts for "Rico Oskar und die Tieferschatten" "Der Pfarrer und das Mädchen" "The Voices" "The Book Thief" "Frühling" "Charleen macht Schluss" "Helmut Schmidt Lebens Fragen"


    Art Work:

    "Fitness for Artist" performance at Bold tendencies in London.

    Group show "WELL" Duo show and "Fitness For Artists" performance at Arcadia Missa in London.

    "Fitness for artists" performance at the World is not Fair show in Berlin.

    "boxing for choir boys" performance at Com und Coms event Boch in Berlin "Fitness for artists" Performance at lucky PDF school of global art at the fringe festival in Melbourne.

    "Pleasure region" Solo show at Club Midnight in Berlin.
    "Fitness for artists" and "Body and Mind Visualization for Artists" performance at the re opening of Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

    Performer/ Collaborator For with Fredrik Wretmans installation "Kill you Darlings" performance at the opening show of Artipelag Museum in Stockholm.

    Stunt Work:

    Stunts for "zeit sprung" "Run boy run" "the Physician" "Baron von Münchausen" "Tatort"


    Choreographer for Dora +Maja's "Knock Off" Performed at Kunstlerhaus Brethannien in Berlin, at Ganz Novi Festival in Zagreb and at October dans in Bergen.


    Art Work:

    "The safety Protocole" and "Fitness for Artists" Perfromance at Based in Berlin.

    "Safety is Sexy" Performance at Kik in der Kok Festival in Tallinn Estland.

    "The Safety Protocol" Performance at Bergen Kunsthall Norway.

    "Fitness for Artists global" Internet performance at Duve Gallery Berlin.

    Performance and installation in group show curated by Felisa funnies at Grimm Museum berlin.

    Stunt Work:

    Stunts for "Die Vampier Schwester" "Das Haus Der Krokoliele" "Hanni und Nanni 2" "Huck Finn" "white witch" in Hänsel and Gretel the witch hunters.

    Art Work:

    "the commerce performance" Performance at Darsa Comfort in Zürich. "Sulumya Kula LOL (lots of love)" Performance at Kunsthalle Athena. Halloween Performance at Perez projects in Berlin.
    Stunt Work:

    Stunts for "Wickie auf Große Fahrt" "Tom sawyer" "Konrad Koch" "Hindenburg"


    Choreographer for the Rythme Monks.
    Choreographer for Peaches Christ Superstar at Hau 1 in berlin.
    Dancer in Maria xxx By Heike Henning.
    Dancer in commertial for Katara Cultural Center, directed by Marieli Fröhlich and choreograped by Matannicola in Qatar


    Performance "GSM (global short message)" at NADA art fair Miami.
    Performer and actrice in "Six Easy Pices" with Reynold Reynolds at Gallery Invaliden 1 and MMX art space in Berlin. Preformer "Monument, ORNAMENT ENTER" with Anne de Vries at Basso in Berlin.
    Artist in group show "SALLY'S" Berlin.
    Performer for Jeremy shaw at "the Office" Berlin.

    Performer for Darri Lorenz at "the Office" Berlin. Performer in "Super Collide" by Sebastian Klemm. Choreographer and Performer for performance with Aids 3d at the Venice Biannual.

    Collaboration with Artists Christophe Brunnqelle and Estelle Hanania for Fat gallery Paris.
    Became a member of the stunt action team Buff Connections. performer in "Waste now pay later" by Oliver Kroll.

    Dancer in ”Wow Yes” by Tomi Paasonen at Kunsthaus Tacheles.


    Dancer in ”Ariodante” at Theater an der Wien directed by Lucas H Hemleb and choreographed by Thomas Stache.
    Character in art film ”Secret Machine” by Reynold Reynolds. Choreographer and Performer in ”The Network of Love”

    Aids3d and Donna Hauanca at Exit Art New York.
    Dancer in dance pice by Krzystof Raczkowski in Poznan National Dance Theater.
    Dancer at the opening of the DHL airport in Leipzig, choreography By Joachim Siska.

    Dancer and Choreographer for music video "Relax" for Peaches. Dancer in ”Niobe regina de tebe” at schwetzingen barock theater directed by Lucas Hemleb choreographie by Thomas Stache.


    Lead character in art film ”Secret life” by Raynold Raynolds.
    Dancer/ Actrice/ Performer in ”Bartelby” directed by Mathias Schönsee.

    Choreographer for ECE commercial directed by Britta Krause. Performer in ”The Girlfriend Experience” by Martin Butler at the Picknick media fair in Amsterdam.
    Dancer in ”Ferries” by David Bloom at Ballhaus Naunyen Berlin. Dancer in ”Untitled” self performed and choreographed at Dock 11 Berlin.

    Dancer and Choreographer for ”jerusalem 2012” with Aids-3d at Program Gallery, Berlin.
    Dancer for Bacardi choreographed by Martin Butler
    actor in add for Wiener Stadtverke.

    Dancer and main Actrice in ”The Beauty and the Beast” by: Steven Dwonsky.


    Dancer in ”Witch one would you like” by Paul Julius rehearsals At theater am Gärtner Platz performed at dance festival Almada.

    Main Body double in ”Prinz Eduardo Maximilian Minsky und Ich” By Anna Justice for X-filme.

    Dancer in Best Before by Tomi Paasonen at dock 11, berlin. Dancer and choreographer in short art film ”Imperial” directed and produced by Mario Phifer.


    Dancer in the short film ”Folge mir” produced by Rigine Lühets. Final performances, choreography Madeleine Karlsson &

    Eva Lundquist, dansens hus Stockholm.
    D-COMPANY in Kulturhuset in Ytterjärna, choreography

    Isadora Duncan & Kathleen Quinlan; Brahms Waltzes & Karusell.


    D-COMPANY in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm. D-COMPANY for Friends of the Royal Ballet, choreography Isadora Duncan & Kathleen Quinlan.

    D-COMPANY participant. in Popaganda, Stockholm University.

    School performances "I Mellanrummen" by Madeleine
    Karlsson (also in Kungsträdgården and at Vasateatern) Stockholm.

    1992- 2003:

    04 D-COMPANY at Färgfabriken.
    03 w Lilla Baletten in Västerås Konserthus.

    03 D-COMPANY in Ytterjärna Kulturhus.
    02 w Lilla Baletten with K. Quinlan i Blå Lådan, Dansens Hus.
    00-02 Rigoletto production Hilda Hellvig,, choreography. Petter Jacobsson at the Royal Opera.
    1998 tour to Hannover w ”Staden”
    1997 ”Staden”produced by Lars Rudolfsson, choreography. Petter Jacobsson , Royal Opera.
    Norma produced by James Robinson the Royal Opera.
    Pelle Svanslös by Knut Hendriksen Royal Opera.
    1994 Pelle Svanslös at Folkoperan.
    1992 Barber of Seville, produced by Göran Järvefelt, Royal Opera.


    Training school at the Ballet Academy
    Classical ballet: Ramona Loewinski, Lottie Ruther Lindström, Fay Nenander
    Floor technique: James McNatt
    Jazz, Modern dance

    2001-05 Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan
    with principal direction to modern, contemporary dance

    Modern, contemporary dance: Nina Höglund, Madeleine Karlsson,Siv Ander, Linda Forsman, Eva Lundqvist
    Jazz: Jane Darling
    Character and acrobatics: Pierre de Olivo

    Classical ballet: Elise Englund, Donald Kirkpatrick, Lazlo Mesales

    Isadora Duncanteknik: Kathleen Quinlan

    Workshop: July 02 The Place, London (Releasetechn: Gaby Agis, Joossteknik Christina Comtess, Cunninghamtechn: Elle van Schuylburch, Floor bar: Anne
    K-77 Studios, Berlin, Contact improvisation: Scott Wells

    Imagemaking-and performance skills workshop: David Laiken Tanzfabrik, Berlin, Contemporary Dance Workshop Riki von Falken July 04 Altea, Spain, workshop Robert Poole

    Summer courses and company-classes regularly at Balettakademien, Stockholm and in Berlin (Tomi Paasonen, Riki von Falken, Jane Boalding, Matilde van der Merendock, Satushi Kudo and others)

    Scholarships: 2003 Fredrik Bark’s Scholarship 2005 Per Jonsson’s Memorial Foundation

    For six years I played the violin actively with Nina Balabina. Played the flute for a shorter period.
    I have recorded a pop CD and have had roles in two feature-length films ( Recycled in Germany, Flyt in Sweden). As a child I acted in a production of Tjechov’s, The Cherry Garden. 

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