Helga Wretman

  1. “Body and Mind Visualization for Artist “ Performance Lesson. 2012.

    'Body & Mind Visualization for Artists' is a 'sister' project of ‘Fitness for Artists’.The aim of this performance is to achieve a mental attitude for creative people in order to reach a more efficient level of productivity.
    Helga Wretman will guide the participants through an experience of deep concentration and inner meditation.

    The starting point of this performance is relaxing the body in deep connection with the mind. A state of individual deep consciousness produces acceptance of reality as it is. Acceptance of the real consistence of the individual presence, context and the space surrounding us, releases our nervsystem. Concentration is focused only on the inner world. This is the way to temporarily escape from the outside world.
    The body is a door. Breathing and awareness of our breathing is the tool to open and cross this door. Everything is balanced. Sounds, noises, hitching body, physical pains, mental worries, thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories, dreams, come and go.
    The connection between body and mind expands our consciousness. This crossing experience enlarges our connectivity with the others,
    physically and psychologically. The interconnection of everything opens up our awareness and smooths the perception of our individuality.
    The state of expanded consciousness, produced by a deep concentration of our mind on our body, opens up to a vision: a multicolour and powerful mental painting!
    The positive upshot of this state of mind is an immediate consequence that lasts for a very long time. 

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